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Help for Common Problems Login Help                                 Email me my password

Here are a few suggestions for login problems based upon common errors:

For privacy and security reasons, will not help you with login issues and we do not directly support parents or students. If you need help, contact your School District.

  1. Make sure and input the correct District ID number. If it is wrong, everything else will fail.
  2. Make sure you are selecting the appropriate login type when entering the district ID (Select Teacher, Administrator, Parent or Student)
  3. Be sure and enter the login and password exactly, making certain to enter upper and lower case letters accurately.
  4. Be aware of whether your caps lock is on (because the original User ID and Password has mostly capital letters, some users put the cap's lock key on, and then do not realize they leave it on while putting in their new information).
  5. Note any numbers and letters that may be transposed, such as zero and the letter O, or the number one and the letter l.
  6. Make sure you are using the User ID and not District ID when entering the user id and password.
  7. Notice whether you are transposing the User ID and Password, (putting one in the other's box), or that when you wrote them down that you did not put them in the incorrect spot. 
  8. Upon logging in the first time, you are required to change your password and have the option to change your user ID. You will never use your original login information (the one from the login sheet your school gave you), after the first time you login to the system. 

Do you have a valid email address in your account?

If you are still unable to login, and have entered a valid email address in your account, click here and a verification of your login information will be emailed to that address.

If you get the Session Expired message: 

  • Go to the bottom right hand corner of your screen and place your cursor over the time.  Is the time correct, does the correct date pop-up?  If not, right click on the time, select Adjust Time and Date, and change it.  Try logging in again.
  • Be sure your browser is set to allow cookies from
    If you still get this message, with your browser/Internet open, go to the top of the page, click Tools, Internet Options, and delete Cookies, Files, and History.

If you have followed all of the above steps and it has not resolved your login problems

  1. Check your school website for more information. Some districts will reset login and password information every year. Others may turn off the Parent & Student Option for a period of time.

  2. If you have forgotten your login information and do not have a valid email address on file, you will need to contact your school administration. They can verify your User ID and issue a new password.