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Standards based Gradebook

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Our Standards-Based Gradebook Solution's standards-based gradebook is the most comprehensive standards-based accountability tool available.’s teacher Grade Book has the same great functionality as it always has, including the ability to integrate with any SIS, yet when used with’s SIS Edition it works as a completely integrated solution.

  • Standards-based Gradebook
  • Standards-based Curriculum and Lesson Planner
  • Online Attendance
  • Real-time Parent  & Student Portal
  • Elementary & Standards-based Report Cards
  • Integrates seamlessly with any Student Information System's unique approach to Standards-based accountability is very flexible, showing student performance on standards mastery as it happens. Valuable information can be learned from knowing what your students are getting and what they are not at the point of instruction, the classroom. makes it is possible to identify areas of strength, trends and gaps in learning, by offering more than the expectations of a standard gradebook.



Standards-based Gradebook offers a full featured electronic gradebook that is designed to improve the process for the teacher by reaching beyond the limitations of a paper gradebook. Yet, it does so without losing the look and feel that teachers have grown so accustomed to. From the gradebook in, teachers are able to maintain all the class grades and averages, just as they would in real life.

But instead of just averaging grades for them like other gradebooks, we use that information to communicate things like homework, assignments, lesson plans, state standards, individual scores and more to the parent, student and administration. And we do all this without causing any extra work for the teacher! They enter their grades and assignments just like they always have, except they do it in a different place. We do the rest. Plus, our gradebook is flexible enough to fit any grading style and can even be configured for the self-contained classroom. Online Attendance

Online Attendance easily records excused, unexcused, school-related absences and tardiness on a medium that is available to everyone instantly, including the office, teacher, parent and administrator. Teachers can take attendance by last name or by seat assignment without using a single scrap of paper. Front office personnel can record all absences from a single location and that information is available to the teacher instantly. And because teachers can see absences for each period, attendance patterns can be identified before they become a problem.'s Class Edition can even e-mail parents when the first absence of the day is recorded.

Standards-based Curriculum & Lesson Planner understands that without the lesson plan, a grade average becomes nothing more than a summarized representation of a student's performance. Two students making the same 76 may have very different educational needs. That's why we turn the lesson plan into the center of attention! Lesson plans can be tied to every assignment so that each grade communicates the student performance in a specific area. And because state standards can also be tied to the assignment, teachers, administrators and parents can track student performance according to state measurements. Whether actual e-learning content is written into each assignment or not, lesson plans are neatly stored in an instruction plan for the associated subject. Those instruction plans can be shared by two private classes or by an entire site or district. And once an instruction plan is created, it can be used again the following year so teachers don't have to recreate lesson plans from one year to the next. Parent Communication Portal

Parent Communication Portal provides teachers with a base for communicating effectively with parents regarding student’s achievement. The key to increasing the amount and quality of parent involvement and to establishing ongoing partnerships is giving them important information about how their child is doing in the classroom. Communication with parents is specific to their students’ achievement and provides them detailed information on, current grade averages, but assignments, homework, missing assignments, teacher comments, attendance, lesson plans, classroom activities and more. The information is coming straight from the teacher’s gradebook and lesson planner so it is always the most current and accurate information available. If the teacher has it, the parent has it.

Standards-based Report Card
Standards Based Report Card

Custom Grade Cards & Progress Reports

With's Custom Grade Card & Progess Reports option, print custom custom grade cards or performance-based progress reports directly from the program managing the information!
Standards-Based Report Cards: Print a custom standards-based report card showing student performance according to academic standards. Want a standards-based report card? We can do it. If you can design it, we can probably accommodate it. Custom reports makes data-driven decision making possible.
Elementary Multiple-Subject Grade Cards: Because of non-standard methods for which grades and classes are handled in elementary schools, many student information systems struggle with the self-contained, primary education classrooms. We fill that gap.
Custom Teacher Input: Elementary grade cards often contain custom subjective input, such as comments or personal assessment of student performance and achievements. That information can be typed into the grade card electronically through an online form--and then saved for the student record.

Student Information Integration

You have a choice. Use's Class Edition with our SIS Edition or let us integrate it with your current Student Information System.

Because the Class Edition is designed to fully integrate with most Student Information Systems (SIS) schools do not have lose their investment in these systems, but can instead leverage their investment. By working closely with student information systems within the state we can import information directly into our server and eliminate the manual setup and data entry procedures. This means the teachers are able to log on and see their class and scheduling information loaded and ready so they can concentrate on teaching and inputting grades. Then, when the grades and attendance have all been entered,'s Class Edition can export that information right back into the site or district's SIS saving both time and hassle.